Could This Be Your Year?

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Real Estate

It goes without saying that the question of "should I buy real estate this year?" is best answered with "it depends." Here’s what I mean...

It depends on your credit score: Some lenders are exercising a little more caution when it comes to assuming risk, so potential buyers should prepare for higher credit score standards. If you’ve been displaying a string of good habits in preparation for buying a home, this might be your year.

It depends on your savings: Maybe you’ve been packing your piggy bank for years in anticipation of buying a home, or you’re planning on selling your starter home and putting the cash toward a more family-friendly home. Either way, if you can come to the table with 20% down, you’ll have a tremendous edge this year.

It depends on your income: If you’ve been fortunate enough to maintain a reliable source of income, you can feel more comfortable pursuing a purchase.

It depends on your market: Some parts of the country have seen a slow-down on the skyrocketing home prices that have defined the last several years. In other places, prices continue to climb. If you’re curious how your local market has shifted, let's chat!