December Home Care

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You can keep your home in top shape with simple tasks throughout the year. This month, be sure to:

1.      Check your basement windows for drafts and/or cracked panes.

2.      Check on supplies around the home that could/will be helpful if there's a weather-related power outage or other emergency. Batteries, non-perishable food items, and blankets should be available.

3.      Replace the filter on your furnace to keep it operating as efficiently as possible.

4.      Clean faucet aerators and shower heads.

5.      Reseal grout on counters, walls, and floors to prevent staining.

6.      Drain approximately 2 gallons from water heater to eliminate sediment.

7.      Make sure any decorative lights you put up for the holidays are working properly before hanging them. Anything with a frayed or damaged cord should be discarded.